The Beacon - October 2017 - Homecoming Edition

On Friday, October 7, 2017, Chasey R. Shepard took her seat at the throne as the 2017-2018 Miss Texas College. As she sat in her throne, donned with a gleaming crown, Shepard reflected on the long history her family has held with Texas College. For as long as she can remember, Shepard’s family painted a picture of the rich, vibrant atmosphere of their alma mater, Texas College. She learned about the college’s legacy of producing educators and its time-honored traditions, including the de facto face of the 123 year old campus, Miss Texas College. “It’s a family thing,” she said. “We’ve gone here at least as far back as the 1960s.” Immediately she fell into a leadership role through her involvement with the Texas College Concert Choir and the Texas College Campus Ministry, serving currently as the Chaplain for the Choir. At the end of her junior year, Shepard decided to step outside of her comfort zone and put her name in the hat for Miss Texas College. Her goal is to help students embrace the culture she grew up hearing about. “To be a great leader, you have to follow first. In pop culture, everyone wants to be the chief,” she said. “I may not say the core values everyday, because I’m living them. They were already embedded in me.” The title of Miss Texas College dates back, minimally, almost a century. Texas College Coordinator of Public Relations Jake Martin said he has been diving into archives and has traced the tradition as far back as the 1920s. “These traditions are the root and the foundation that keep Texas College alive,” Shepard said. “We have so many diverse backgrounds that bring us together and

Chasey R. Shepard

bridge those gaps; it creates the authentic college experience.”

Shepard will finish her Education degree, seeking certification in Early Childhood— 6th grade, in May. Shepard’s post-graduation plans are aimed at teaching fourth grade, while pursuing her master’s degree, and eventually a doctorate, while teaching in a local district. She hopes to instill in her students the values she has learned at Texas College. “At first I was a sociology major, but God was calling me to teach,” she said. “Fourth grade, to me, is when their mind is really developing and you can catch them early and instill in them values.” A big part of her calling to teach is the desire to encourage diversity and celebrate differences, she said. But for now, Shepard is ready to serve her college with pride and show the community the values Texas College embraces. Chasey’s Coronation held true to Miss Texas College tradition as she received her crowning from the previous Miss Texas College, Taylor Pierce, gifted pearls by President Dwight J. Fennell and First Lady Angelia Fennell, and then escorted by SGA President Christian Gooden in the traditional all white tuxedo. The Queen’s Court consisted of Mr. and Miss Freshman Sidney Patton and Destinee McGinnis; Mr. and Miss Sophomore Shakur Johnson and Tiffany Simmons; Mr. and Miss Junior Malcolm Patton and Charlize Gaines; and Mr. and Miss Senior Nigel Mayfield and Jamaria Hogan. The Queen also had an outer court of 31 couples representing various organizations campus wide.

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