Dr. Emmanuel N. Ngwang (Pictured L, top) and Dr. Kenneth Usongo (Pictured L, bottom) joined forces to create the publication, Art and Political Thought in Bole Butake . Dr. Ngwang is a Professor of English at Texas College and the Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan on campus, which aims to elevate the College’s student writing progressively. Dr. Usongo is an Associate Professor of English at Texas College. Being English professors, they shared an obvious interest in literature, but the similarities didn't stop there; the two also shared a native country, Cameroon. With an urge to publish and combining those two factors, the professors knew to look no further than Cameroon’s literary titan and crusader for justice, Professor and Director Bole Butake (1947-2016). Butake actually taught both of the professors at the University of Yaoundé Cameroon. Once deciding to take the plunge into publishing a new book, the two Texas College professors began researching Cameroon’s history, politics, ontology, anthropology, and sociology. Their vast and intense examination was more than any previous study conducted on a single author in Cameroon and took a total of five years to complete. With multiple publications of books, essays, and journal articles, not to mention Dr. Ngwang’s position as Chief Editor of the Journal of Educational Research and Technology , the two collaborated to create their latest work

Art and Political Thought in Bole Butake, which serves as text for Literary Criticism and Research in World Literature; Drama; African Literature; Cameroon Literature and Black World Cultures. Dr. Usongo explains “The book, through a pluralist critical approach, interrogates Butake’s major creative works— Lake God, And Palm Wine Will Flow, The

Survivors, Shoes and Four Men in Arms, Dance of the Vampires, and The Rape of Michelle —mainly in terms of their political underpinnings and cultural signification. The intention was to place his drama within the socio-political matrix of Cameroon and demonstrate the topicality of the issues of governance, marginalization, and corruption in Cameroon or Africa that Butake consistently foregrounds in his creative works.” The book is currently used at 44 different institutions of higher education such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, UC Berkeley, USC, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Duke, and Oklahoma University, just to name a few. The two Texas College faculty’s work also achieved placement in the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world and main research arm of the U.S. Congress.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my fellow peers for their votes that elected me as the 2017-2018 Student Government Association President. Rest assured that I am dedicated to serving the student body, Texas College, and the Tyler Community. I ran on the platform of a ‘New Vision’, and with the already apparent support of the students, Texas College faculty, staff, and Administration, that vision can and will come to fruition. I ask that you keep our College in your prayers as we steadily move forward. May God continue to bless Texas College and all associated.” - Christian Gooden, 2017-2018 SGA President (Pictured R)

Congratulations to Dr. Sonja Barnes Warren (Pictured L) on her recent graduation from North Central University, earning her Doctorate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Warren is currently an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department and a Reading Specialist in Texas College's Quality Enhancement Plan. Previous her doctorate, Dr. Warren held a double master's degree: Educational Leadership (2010) and Curriculum and Instruction (2012), both from Letourneau University in Longview, Texas.

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